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I'm running into the same problem, and wonder if it has to do with the cfg file...

when i try telnet 5331 it says:

Connected to localhost.
Escape Character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

and in the window running serprozy i get: Failed to open comm port - connection refused

flash connects and says it's trying, but serproxy gives the same warning.

I'm on OS X and don't know how to determine what comm port it's on (in the config i have comm_ports=1), the serial port is /dev/cu.usbserial-A1015S9

heres the whole serproxy.cfg file

#don't know how it determines this

#matched in the pde on arduino


#name from the menu in the IDE

#5331 is arbitrary right?


Dave: that sounds like a config or networking problem.  Can you post your serproxy.cfg file?

Nilloc: make sure you quit any other program that might be accessing the serial port (e.g. the Arduino environment).  Also, make sure there aren't any funky characters in the name of the Arduino serial device by opening the preferences.txt file (in your Home directory/Library/Arduino) and looking for the device.


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thanks for the idea, but the preference file looks identical to my serproxy.cfg file

i do have a weird character if i check on the device in the terminal i get:
crw-rw-rw-    1 root      wheel       9,  15 Jun  7 21:22 cu.usbserial-A10?15S9
crw-rw-rw-    1 root      wheel       9,  14 Jun  7 21:22 tty.usbserial-A10?15S9

I'm asuming that ? might be a problem, although the serial monitor in the IDE works fine.
Also I've made sure that all serial port using software is working still.

EDIT: so I was gonna make a symbolic link to the serial device (total shot in the dark but i'm new to this) and when i hit tab to auto complete the path to the cu. arduino, it auto completed with: /dev/cu.usbserial-A10^P15S9 but changing to that or using the symbolic link in the cfg didn't appear to change anything. Still refused connection.


That funky character is definitely a problem.  The symbolic link should work though.  What happened when you tried it?


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I am having the same issue.

- I can upload and run simple programs using ardino software
- I upload the Firmata firmware to the aurdino board.
- I quit the aurdina software

- I start serproxy, it says waiting for clients
- I try the ArduinoFF flash connection example. It says 'started connection', then immedatialy says 'stopped connection'
- serproxy always just says 'Failed to open comm port - connection refused'

- in the aurdino software it says its connecting to 'cu.usbserial-a1015ej', but in /dev/ it says 'cu.usbserial-A10?15EJ'. Trying either in the config doesnt work. I've tried connecting at the 115K baud rate and the 9600.

config file :

# Comm ports used

# Serial devices
# Replace this with your Arduino port. Note that it starts with cu and not tty.  

# Default settings

# Idle time out in seconds

# Port 1 settings (ttyS0)

Any help appreciated. My firewall is off, its os x with 10.4.9 intel. I cannot telnet to it either, it says connection refused.

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