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I am trying to run my code at 115200 baud rate but it gives me garbled data.I was running a shorter version of the same code at the same baud rate and it worked perfectly at 115200 but as I added more print commands and a few more lines to the code it just started spitting out random symbols.

I probably think I will have to increase the baud rate to get coherent data on the terminal but  the maximum baud that arduino runs on is 115200.

I'll be extremely grateful for any suggestions regarding this problem.



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I am trying to run my code at 115200 baud rate but it gives me garbled data

How far apart are the two devices?

Do they share a ground?

Are there any high EMF devices (motors, fluorescent lights, etcetera) in between?

Is any part of the cable in a tight loop?

Have you tried a different cable?


So I am transmitting data between my bluetooth device and my laptop.The bluetooth is using a serial port profile.

There are no motors or other EMF devices in between.And since I am doing testing my bluetooth board is pretty much right next to my PC.


but as I added more print commands

At 115200, your 128 byte receiver buffer will overflow in a little over 11 milliseconds.
Are you processing the input fast enough?
Per Arduino ad Astra


Are you running on the real UART ports or a NewSoftSerial port?

I noticed that the NewSoftSerial cpp file states that RX is not supported at 115200 baud.


I am displaying the data on the arduino terminal and as far as I can tell I don't see any latency between the data sent and received.


Im not using the softserial port.

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