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Hi guys,
I recently bought an Arduino Bluetooth. For some reason, the Arduino software only finds the first serial port for your computer, dev/tty0. Why is it like that? It's so inconvenient! Unfortunately, I only have a USB bluetooth dongle, and dev/tty0 is a 9 pin serial port. I'm surprised that no one seems to have run into this issue before, or maybe I just haven't searched far enough back.

I tried to fool around with the source code to get it to recognize a different serial port, but I couldn't actually find the uncompiled program code, just the peripheral files. Probably cuz I'm a noob. I can try again, but an alternative solution occurred to me:

I know they have 9 pin to USB converter cables, but can the signal for a 9 pin serial port get converted undamaged to a USB signal? I didn't realize that could be an issue, but my professor was just voicing his doubts that that would be possible.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any of these problems?
Thanks bunches,

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