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Hi all!

Someone could tell me where i can find the source code of the function Serial.println used in IDE of arduino.
Thanks in advance!


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{Arduino Path}\hardware\cores\arduino\Print.h

{Arduino Path}\hardware\cores\arduino\Print.cpp


as said before, in the Arduino path, you look for hardware\cores\arduino
it has all the sourcecode for the individual arduino functions like digitalWrite, pinMode, etc. so if you fancy taking a look, that's where you'll need to be.


Thanks, i will take a look!



I see functions like this one,

Code: [Select]
void Print::println(const char c[]){

in this  file {Arduino Path}\hardware\cores\arduino\Print.cpp

what this mean void Print::println? it is not usual to see this, i think.



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what this mean void Print::println? it is not usual to see this, i think

It means "println" is a member of the class "Print", and is  a "void" (i.e. it doesn't return a value) function.
That's C++, and perfectly usual.

You'll see that that there are different versions of the functions, distinguished only by their parameter types. This is called "overloading"
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Ok, thanks, i never seen C++ source code, only C, that is why i couldn't understand.


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