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I'm curious how to properly use Time lib with ds 1307RTC ?
how and when to sync them?
I know that I must use   setSyncProvider(RTC.get); but when and where?

In setup? If yes - will it synchronize arduino clock(rtc) with ds1307 automatic? or I must sync it manually?

I'm asking because my clock is +60s  than my pc clock after only 20 minutes  :o (I use setSyncProvider(RTC.get) in setup and in loop)



The setSyncProvider function registers a callback to be used when the time needs to be synced. It only needs to be called once, in setup().

Post your code, please.


today I changed the crystal and it works :)  Also my pc clock is inaccurate ! I chcecked clock in my phone and there is a big difference

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