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sorry my fault :o
That should have been
Code: [Select]

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

for installing the Sun Java Package.

Try this and the update-alternatives command should offer the Sun-java package.



Thank you Eberhard,

I did figure out that I needed to add "install" to the code, and did so, but then all action stopped in the terminal when the EULA came up. Now I am getting a bunch of messages about missing dependencies...but I need to leave for work soon, so it will have to wait for tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to upgrade to Lucid, so maybe I need to just wait until I have done that first.

Anyway, thank you for your help.



OK, I couldn't just leave it alone. I fixed the broken dependencies and configured to run Sun java. Then I played around in the Arduino environment for a while. It doesn't seem to crash anymore, but I'll need to run it for a much longer time before I am sure.

Now I REALLY need to get ready for work.


I use an external editor (gvim) and it wouldn't  have been affected by this problem so if you did that at least you wouldn't lose any work.  Besides most any editor on Linux is better than the one in the IDE.



Probably true Jim, and if I was programmer, mathematician or EE grad, I'd jump right on that. But I've got an academic background in literature, history, and law. I've only been using Linux for 6 months. Four months ago I didn't know the difference between an emitter, a base and a collector. Until December, the only programming experience I'd had was writing a crude program in FORTRAN, stored in a shoebox full of Hollerith cards, to solve quadratic equations.

Learning the Arduino dialect of C, wiring up various electronic parts, soldering, and converting all of our home computers to a new operating system are already pushing the capability of my old brain circuitry. I'm also working my way through the "Wizard Book" and Abelson and Sussman's videotaped lectures. It's fun, but I am close to the limits of new information that I can absorb in the time I have available within the confines of my day job. Eventually I'll take your advice to migrate to some other editor, but for now need to let the computer do as much of the grunt work as possible. I realize that IDEs, and GUIs are crutches, but lacking the luxury of extended blocks of time to simply play around at the command line, I need them.

Anyway, the fixes that Eberhard suggested seem to have corrected the crashes for now, but I won't be able to test it thoroughly until Saturday.

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