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i'm looking for a solution to scrolling Texts after adding new lines (like terminal window)
i found some adafruit examples but this doesn't work with Elegoo TFT Touchscreen.

Anyone know a working solution? like this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-serial-UART-scrolling-display-terminal-usi/ ?

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I Googled "Elegoo TFT " and got this 2.8" Blue Mcufriend style shield

It should work with the MCUFRIEND_kbv library regardless what controller is mounted.
Note that the Blue 2.8" Shields seem to use as many random controllers as the Red 2.4" Shields.

If you receive an ILI9341 style,  this can vertical scroll any size band.   e.g. 64 rows or 320 rows.
If you get a UC83230 style,  they can only scroll the whole screen.

You instructables link seems to show an SPI ILI9341 display.
The SPI versions require 3.3V level conversion for the logic if you use with a 5V Uno  or Mega.
These give you plenty of spare GPIO pins even on a Uno.    Especially if you put TFT, SD card, XPT2046 on the same SPI bus.

The MCUFRIEND versions are 8-bit parallel with onboard level converters.   You can plug and go.   However they use almost all of the Uno pins.



it works with  MCUFRIEND_kbv library and it's a  ILI9341 Display.
Thanks for help !!

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