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Hey all,

I am a new arduino user and need to know which form of linux (whether it be ubuntu, kubuntu, xubuntu, etc.) is the best to use with the arduino?

Thanks in advance!
- Ansh


I use Xubuntu 10.04 64-bit. It just works.  8-)
Reckon all the others would as well.


Ubuntu 9.10 32bits, works without a problem.


Okay then.  Thanks for the information guys!


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Ubuntu 9.10 32 bit with the Arduino-0018 package from the Arduino on Ubuntu packagers (wayoda, et. al.).  (Thanks, nice work!)

It's the first entry at http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Linux/Ubuntu.


Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit here.

Pros: Everything tends to work.
Cons: Until an upgrade/update occurs, then who knows?

I've never had a problem with an upgrade/update doing anything with my Arduino IDE install, but I have seen a full upgrade get jiggy with my installs of Wildfire (Spark IM server) and ZoneMinder (security camera software).

The only other con, at least moving from 9.04 to 9.10, was that somebody was smoking crack when they decided on the "new" color scheme. I don't know if the latest version has a similar scheme, but this version's was UGLY.

Oh - the only thing I really, really hate: Whether it is Ubuntu or the GNOME team (probably the latter), they seem to think "we know better than you" when it comes to what options and settings you want - for instance, it is nearly impossible to set the configuration for a particular screensaver; they've removed that and have no intent of allowing you to have it back. There are ways around this, but I shouldn't have to hack my way around something so basic.

Part of me thinks I should move back to Debian.

I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


Ubuntu 9.10 32 Bit.  Runs fine.


I run KUbuntu 10.04 64bit on my desktop-machine and the Ubuntu 10.04 32bit Netbook remix on my netbook.

If you do a fresh install there is no reason to install an older Ubuntu version from last year.

We will do our best to keep the Arduino package in synch with the latest Ubuntu releases. There havn't been any issues with the Arduino package on Ubuntu 10.04.

(If you want to check out the looks of the different Ubuntu versions, there is a Live-CD for each one of them. You can try them out without installing anything to your harddisk)

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