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Code: [Select]
if (simplescan == HIGH )
  if (scan1 == HIGH) kitt2008scan (time);
  if (scan2 == HIGH) knight_rider_two_thousand (time);
  if (scan3 == HIGH) four_groups_blink_twice (time);
  if (scan4 == HIGH) bar_blink_twice (time);
  if (scan5 == HIGH) bars_blink_twice (time);
  if (scan6 == HIGH) all_high ();
  if (scan7 == HIGH) kitt2008scan (time);

but it never goes into the if
i have conect the analog 0 and analog 8 with the 5v

Code: [Select]
//********** i/o scan modes on analog inputs **********
int scan1 = (8+54) ;
int scan2 = (9+54);
int scan3 = (10+54);
int scan4 = (11+54);
int scan5 = (12+54);
int scan6 = (13+54);
int scan7 = (14+54);

//******************** inputs as i/o for the scan mode ********************
int simplescan = (0+54) ; // i/o switch for simple scann
int sensorenable = (1+54) ; // i/o switch for voice scan
int lightenable= (2+54) ; // i/o switch for light scan
int motionenable = (3+54) ; // i/o switch for motion enable scan

does this working to the arduino mega

the 54+pin


i found one more mistake

if (digitalRead(scan2)== HIGH )  digitalWrite (ledPin,HIGH);

if the digitalread of the button in HIGH



This was my first test with arduino and my project

i dont have all the equipment yet

i am still waititng the leds and the transistors

the project will totaly have 92 channels

46 in each bar

it would be able to work as an vu meter also

a temperature meter

i light meter

a motion detector


i found some t10 led in the garage
and i couldnt wait the led to test it

this was the leds from channel 8 to channel 22

so the paterns are not show corectly

the speed is controlled by a rotary switch but i dont have it yet

the patterns are also controlled by a rotary switch

the usb cable was only for power not data



vu meter with a pc microphone





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