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thanks i will give this a try.

i guess my other problem is this. has anybody been able to change the font to anything other than Monospced?


It seems to work for me. I can change the editor font by changing the editor.font property

for example:
editor.font=Andale Mono,plain,14

in 9.10 there is a monospaced font named Monospace (vs Monospaced) that looks a little better (in my opinion).



I notice that the font sizes in the Arduino IDE are not at all consistent with font point sizes in the rest of Ubuntu/Gnome 10.04.  For instance, font Droid Sans Mono, plain, size 12 in Arduino is much smaller than 12 point Droid Sans Mono is in every other application.

I may have to take a look at this myself since no one is fixing it and it's terribly ugly without antialiasing.


Try change the editor font to 14


in ./arduino/preference.txt

Even though I didn't have any problem in Ubuntu 9.10 I did notice problems in 10.04 and with the default font size, the _'s are not displaying properly. But after increasing the font size to 14, everything looks pretty good.

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