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Jul 11, 2010, 11:17 am Last Edit: Jul 11, 2010, 12:58 pm by nomis05 Reason: 1

im trying to checkout the source code of adruino (for serveral weeks now) for building it on my gentoo 64 bit system using "svn checkout arduino . googlecode . c o m / svn / trunk / arduino-read-only" but all the time it fails (always removed the h t t p because im not allowed to post links, also added spaces):

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$ svn checkout arduino . googlecode . c o m / svn / trunk / arduino-read-only
A    arduino-read-only/build
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux      <-- this takes long, then it goes fast
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/jre.tgz
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/tools
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/tools/avrdude
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/tools/avrdude.conf
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/arduino
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/lib
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/lib/librxtxSerial.so
A    arduino-read-only/build/linux/dist/.cvsignore
A    arduino-read-only/build/fetch.sh
A    arduino-read-only/build/cmd
A    arduino-read-only/build/cmd/dist
A    arduino-read-only/build/cmd/dist/processing
A    arduino-read-only/build/cmd/dist.sh
A    arduino-read-only/build/shared
  [...]   checks out shared folder and subfolders
A    arduino-read-only/build/javadoc
  [...]   checks out javadoc folder and subfolders
A    arduino-read-only/build/macosx
A    arduino-read-only/build/macosx/mkdmg     <-- takes long
A    arduino-read-only/build/macosx/template.dmg.gz
A    arduino-read-only/build/macosx/dist    <-- takes so long until it fails
svn: REPORT von »/svn/!svn/vcc/default«: 200 OK (arduino . googlecode . c o m)

I already tried it on another debian PC, but there it also fails. 6 months ago i did it successfully with an old gentoo 32bit system. But i think the source code wasn't already hosted on google there (berlios i think).

I hope anybody has a solution ...


Ok, now i also tried Win7 + CygWin with no success. Failed at the same time with the same Error.

To make sure that it has nothing to do with GoogleCode i checked out another GoogleCode Project which just worked fine ...

Maybe somebody can try if he can checkout the code or if its only happening to me ...


did a checkout on ubuntu 10.04 just now. Took a while (google-code is not really fast) but worked.
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svn checkout http://arduino.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ arduino-read-only


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