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Hi - I am wondering how do I use AVR studio to connect to my arduino and program it in C++... I would appreciate as in depth as posible...

I have arduino dicemilla.


AVR Studio support only C project not C++.
Alternate choice is Eclipse + AVR plugin and WINAVR can use both C C++


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Ok - just tell me a way to get real C or C++ code on my arduino on windows...


I think the arduino environment qualifies as "real" C, C++.

start small, get blink working, from the arduino menus:
file->upload to I/O board

observe blinkness of onboard LED, play with delay values and re-upload/re-observe.


I think the arduino environment qualifies as "real" C, C++.

Absolutely right!  It's not overly well publicized fact, but the Arduino IDE -- the package that you download on the main arduino.cc site -- is pure, unadulterated C++!  (Well, very slightly adulterated.)

It took me a few days to figure this out, but boy am I happy about that!


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