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dcb get a life

i have searched this forum avr freaks forum google and the arduino site for help...

get a clue asshole


This thread is starting to remind of a thread from a couple weeks ago where someone started acting rude when the answers were not to their liking.  If techx responds that I am clogging the internet with this post, we will have a winner!   ;D


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dcb is rude. anyone telling someone to google it for a question that is not obvious is rude. I hate people like dcb. Anyway I  assume that I need to use the ICSP to program and that is my problem as I am using USB. So this thread is no longer needed.


I don't get it techx, I've been trying to help you and figure out where you are coming from and what you are asking.  But instead of saying "thank you", you act like I owe you something and should read your mind and type out detailed instructions which you still might not understand.  

Google is your friend, search for arduino and c++ or avrstudio or whatever and read.

I appreciate you are on a frustrating part of the learning curve, but there is no cause for personal attacks, let alone hate.


telling people to use google is an insult to their intelligence.


An Arduino sketch IS exactly a C++ program, except that it already includes (as part of the runtime environment) a function main() defined as:
Code: [Select]
int main(void)
     init();     // Part of arduino environment
     setup();  // Provided by you in the sketch
     for (;;)
       loop();  // Provided by you in the sketch
     return 0;

This isn't really any different that the code that a more traditional compiler environment executes in your program before it calls main() (usually something like _start(), contained in the crt0 library);  it's just a convenience for embedded applications  (for instance, you no longer have to explain to people what should happen when the program is "done"; it's clear that it just keeps calling loop() forever.)


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westfw, thanks for sharing that little nugget, lots of things just made all kindza sense for me.

techx, if you're not finding what you need here, the polite thing to do is thank people for their time trying to help and try something else.


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goodbye arduino forum


Goodbye techx, you are welcome!


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This is what I think techx was asking about


Good luck!


if you want to programm with avr studio and do not want to install another bootloader and no additional programmer is available:

- compile your programm in avr studio as normal. (select the right cpu, for the ardiono mega it would be an atmega1280)

- the arduino bootloader jumps to the reset vector, so any avr c-compiler should b able to create a runnable application. just upload your created *.hex file to the board using avrdude:
(the newer versions have arduino support! yay!)
For Arduino Mega on windows with USB on COM4 use:
avrdude -p m1280 -P com4 -c arduino -b 57600 -F -u -U flash:w:myprogramm.hex

if you use an older avrdude version you have to specify other parameters an press the reset button at the exact right time to upload your application

you can include a upload-button in avr-studio under Tools->Customize->Tools:

Command: avrdude.exe (must be on system path)
Arguments: -p m1280 -P com4 -c arduino -b 57600 -F -u -U flash:w:myProgram.hex
Initial Directory: /pathToHexFile/

i think more integration without programmer is not possible

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