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Author Topic: Concatenate Serial.print() values  (Read 8951 times)
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I don't think you connected the grounds, Dave.
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Your "funky" symbols are unprintable ASCII codes below 0x20 (space character), like 0x02 and 0x19. If you want to see their actual values:
Serial.print(0x19,HEX);//set to 25

, but when It sends the hex information, it comes up as readable letters
What "hex information"?
I'm still confused as to what the problem is.

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Sorry I didn't get back to you until now. Anyway, I suppose it's all technically hex information. what I meant was when it sends the coordinates of the circle's center, it comes up as readable characters. And, even though I like to know what its sending, it should be the weird symbols and not the readable ones.

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