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[Ubuntu 10.4, arduino-018]

I am running a project with two serial devices on USB ports (one is an arduino, one is a medical monitor). With all the connecting/reconnecting of the devices I was having problems with which device was /dev/ttyUSB0 and which /dev/ttyUSB1. so i created udev rules which assign the arduino to /dev/arduino and the monitor to /dev/usbserial on plugin.

This works for my python script - it can see each device and doesnt get confused.

Now my problem:
I connect the arduino. dmesg says it is on /dev/ttyUSB0. i can also read serial from /dev/arduino. But when i try to upload a new sketch to the arduino, the GUI says it cannot find /dev/ttyUSB0. likewise when i changed the .arduino/preferences file to /dev/arduino it then says it cannot find /dev/arduino.

I cant paste the whole error message since this is my office PC and the f*****s in IT here wont let me connect my laptop to the network. >:(

Any ideas where to go next (except for removing my udev rules when i want to change a sketch)? weirdly in the menu, the [chose serial port] is greyed out.

Very grateful for a clever person's help.




So i went to RTFM

I added:
Code: [Select]
SYMLINK +="ttyUSB%n"
to the udev line, and it does work, although it creates ttyUSB000 and ttyUSB001 which is kinda ugly but i can at least do stuff.

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