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Vancouver Reefer

HI All,

Ive had Arduino 0016 running on my laptop for a while with no problems. Ive just installed Visual Studio 2008 and now when i go to load up my Arduino GUI, to program etc, it no longer wants to boot up and refers to Visual Studio with this window:

Any help with what i need to do to get it back to using the original Arduino Software would be so much appreiciated.



This is because Visual Studio includes a just-in-time debugger that will catch any crashing application and ask your if your want to debug it. Just say no and it will go away. If your Arduino software worked before installing Visual Studio it should keep working. Maybe it was always doing this error it's just that you couldn't see it without a debugger, I supposed the Arduino Software can recover from that error and keep loading and eventually load successfully.

Vancouver Reefer

Ahh gotcha.  Ive just downloaded Arduino 0018 at it seems to be working fine now!



Arduino in Visual Studio Beta

I'm keen to hear from anyone that would like to beta test an arduino extension for visual studio called Visual Micro. The extension makes it easy to build on new or existing sketches.

Visual Micro maintains sketch compatibility with arduino whilst allowing visual studios C++ intellisense to work with ANY core and ALL libraries.

The product is "boards.txt" and "serial port" aware, retains the board and port per project and allows arduino library folders to be added via a single menu click.

For anyone who doesn't know or can't remember arduino class, struct and method names the intellisense is very useful. You can read more about more Visual Micro features here http://www.visualmicro.com

If you would like to register as a beta tester please send us an mailto://beta@visualmicro.com or use the link on the Visual Micro home page.


Visual Micro Development Team


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Arduino in Visual Studio Beta

Is this Open Source, and on all the same platforms as the Arduino IDE (MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.)?

I noted at http://www.visualmicro.com/ it saying
A low cost version for amateur use is due for release April 2010

How much does this cost, and how much does the version for non-Amateur use cost?

EDIT: and what is the difference between the amateur and non-amateur version?



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Is this Open Source, and on all the same platforms as the Arduino IDE (MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.)?

This is an extension to Microsoft Visual Studio which is Windows only; therefore the extension can't run on any other platform.  

This is very exciting to those of use who live in Visual Studio for our day jobs, as we can now leverage that awesome environment for Arduino.  


I want it to be a free helper for all those people who do not profit from arduino

I am aware that some people are making a profit selling arduino hardware along with supporting open source libs or code. I think the product will be useful (more so over time) for the profit group but it takes time to create/extend the product and feel I should benefit where benefit is due


The "pro" version will include features that make it easy to create and manage new arduino libs and/or cores and to allow the adding of help and examples to related xml files using short cut keys (or menu)

The ability to press a few keys to add a snippet/example for the current line/method/var/struct/class etc (code context) might also be useful for others.

I always forget how my functions work when I have been away from my arduino projects for a while. Leaving reminders for myself that are not a mass of code comments would be great!

I am hoping to find an xml file structure that would be acceptible to other product IDE's not just Visual Studio. Suggestions welcome!



Hi Tim,
I'm definitely interested in trying this - as a VS user, the Arduino UI makes me want to poke pins in my eyes  ;D


Funny. I'll add you to the beta list. I expect to release something over the next couple of days.

I've started setting up a site for help and ideas at http://www.visualmicro.com

The site is also in beta :)


I'd also like to try this.  I'm very used to VS and think this would be provide a nice increase in productivity.

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