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im bussy with a project, for a play

and i was wondering if somebody knows the code how to di this

make a sensor play a sound on a lillypad when somethhing comes closer.
right now me and a buddy only have the sound "bliep, bliep" when the sensor notices that something is nearby, but we want it to play a cooler sound

im using a sensor, a lillypad and selected the
Arduini Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328 . from the top menu of the arduino program menu.

if somebody could look at the code that would be great!!!!
its for a play at a local theather here in london

i can only send the code as "private" thats why i didnt post it here

please if somebody could help us, that would be a dream


Do you mean you want to play a good-quality sound effect when arduino detects someone nearby? If you can afford to have the arduino connected to a computer, you can use arduino to send out a serial message to the computer. Upon receiving the message, the computer plays an mp3 file. You can use Processing (Processing.org) to easily sketch a program that does that. If you want to have wireless connection, look into Xbee. If you want the arduino to play good quality sound, there's MP3 modules that will play a sound when it is told to, just more expensive, plus you need power supply and speakers for the sound to play locally near the arduino.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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