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I have been reading a lot about keg bots over the last month and have seen numerous versions online. I want my Keg bot to be very simple, however I am completely unfamilar with arduino and elctronics. I want an lcd display that can read the current fridge temperature, and the amount of beer consumed and remaining. I saw various ways of getting keg volume, but I want to go with the flowmeter method. To me it seems the most accurate. Unfortunately, I do not know where to begin or even how to put together the components, and most importantantly write the code. From what I see can accomplish what I need with a swiss flow sf8000 flow meter, lcd display and a temperature sensor. This should be fairly cheap in the $100 range.  Also, From what I read from arduino users this should be easy to do, however for me it will be impossible without step by step instructions. Is there anyone out there that can help me out with this.

I know they sell devices that do things similar to do, but none do exactly what I want and there is something about the satisfaction you get from doing it yourself.


Well, as with most problems..
Begin with the beginning.
You allready decided what you want to do. Apparently you've also opted to use an arduino, aswell as selected the sensors and such that the project needs.

Next step is checking / asking whether the selected components are arduino compatible and up to the job, I can't help you with that I'm afraid.

Then it is time to assemble it and write code...
Don't be afraid to try it yourself, even if you have to start with making LEDS blink. As long as the goal is clear, you can select what bits to learn, and what you don't get, you can ask here.
Good luck!

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