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Hi  friends.

I'm making some code for a motorcontroller.  The arduino receives a negative number when the motor is supposed to spin backwards.
The value tells the desired speed as well.
To my understanding I can't write: analogwrite(pwmPin, -155), so
I  need to make an integer value change sign.

Like, if I have an integer called "x", and the value of x is -135.

How do I write the software to change the sign to + so the new value will be 135?

Thanks in advance :)


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x = -x;
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Coding Badly

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Assuming "MyValue" stores the value to be written...

Code: [Select]
if ( MyValue >= 0 )
 // Make the motor go forward here
 analogWrite( pwmPin, MyValue );
 // Make the motor go backware here
 analogWrite( pwmPin, [glow]-[/glow]MyValue );

@AlphaBeta: 15 seconds apart.  I'd say that's close enough for ... JINX!


Thank you very much!

I knew there was an easy answer for this.

Just out of curiosity. Is this a possible solution as well?

analogWrite( pwmPin, MyValue*-1 );


James C4S

abs() (absolute) would also work:

Code: [Select]
analogWrite( pwmPin, abs(MyValue) );

Just don't call any other functions inside of abs().
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