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I have some 44256 DRAM removed from a old Trident video card (TVGA 8900) and i want to interface them with an Arduino.

I know they are 128KB and use a 4-bit data and 9-bit address and it need to refresh it to avoid data loss, also they are parallel.

First of all i need help with some reference of how i can interface it with Arduino board, if its possible at all.

Also, i want to know if i can drive the address bus using a Shift Register to spare pins. But first, make it work at all hahaha.

I dont know if they are working at all because the card was not working. And they are from a national manufacturer that i cannot find any datasheet. I want to know if the pinout is standard? ICM44256-60 from Itaucom.


If you cannot fine out how often they need to be refreshed, all else is useless!


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