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Hello guys,

I was wondering why servos are called so ?

Any answers ?  :)


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From the same root as "cerveau", the French for brain?

[edit]A quick Google suggests to me it derives from a Latin root, meaning one who serves/maintains, I guess meaning one who maintains (a position) in place of the controlling function.[/edit]
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Well, a servomechanism maintains some controlled parameter, like angular position in the case of an R/C servo, once commanded.
"Servo" is just a diminutive of "servomechanism".
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From Latin, servus = slave, so a servo motor is a slaved motor, ie controlled operation as opposed to free running.


Okay...  I got something from you guys... Thank You...

Any more from others..



Main Entry: ser·vo·mo·tor
Pronunciation: \[ch712]s[ch601]r-v[ch333]-[ch716]m[ch333]-t[ch601]r\
Function: noun
Etymology: French servo-moteur, from Latin servus slave, servant + French -o- + moteur motor, from Latin motor one that moves -- more at motor
Date: 1889

: a power-driven mechanism that supplements a primary control operated by a comparatively feeble force (as in a servomechanism)


Servo is the latin for "I serve", simple as that.  Just like video means "I see".  Its just accident of history that in mechanics we say controller & servo and in software we say master & slave.
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And a California lawsuit shows that it's not a bad idea to use Latin instead of English ;)

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