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I have upgrade Arudino0021 to my XP,Vista and 64 bit Windows 7 home edition, all work fine,except the 64 bit Windows 7 seems have problem,when I point to the Arduino IDE menu and it display the pull down menu immediately on all my computer except the Windows 7 one. It take very long to display the pull down menu.


I have had issues with the examples menu not showing up until clicked on a second time...

But 0019 seems to have that issue too on my win7 ultimate machine.

Do you mean the right click menu?


Yeah I get freezing in the menu with 0021 and Win 7 x64 as well. I am tempted to blame Java for it but haven't really looked into it.


One possible issue is that the Tools menu refreshes the items in the Serial Port menu whenever you open it.  If you have certain kinds of serial ports on your computer (e.g. for bluetooth devices that aren't connected), this can be very slow, for reasons I don't really understand.  You might try removing those devices and then testing it.  

But I believe that would only effect the Tools menu, not the others.  


Search around in the forums for this same behavior...bluetooth is very likely the culprit and someone has made a patched rxtxSerial.dll that fixes the problem. Don't know for a fact that it works with the newest Javas.
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