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Cool, thanks for the directions, Stoner.  Were you able to use the avrdude that came with Arduino?  Or did you need to install your own?


Those directions just get arduino-0009 up and running. To actually interface with the arduino board is a different story. So far, I've been unsuccessful - I'm getting the dreaded : avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA168 is 1E 94 06

To get to that point, one needs to rebuild avrdude and to do that you need to install:

- build-essential (it is assumed this is installed, or you probably wouldn't have been able to install gcc-avr in the first place)
- bison
- m4 (bison depends on it)
- flex
- libusb-dev

From there, one can download the avrdude source and build it for 64-bit platforms. You need to remove/rename the 'avrdude' binary in arduino-0009/tools and put a symlink in it's place (pointing to where ever you installed avrdude.) The avrdude.conf that comes with arduino-0009 is identical to the source of avrdude - so replacing it isn't necessary.

For fun, I also downloaded the source to uisp and rebuilt that (since the supplied on is 32-bit.)


Aug 31, 2007, 07:17 pm Last Edit: Aug 31, 2007, 07:43 pm by Stoner Reason: 1
Yet again, technology makes a liar out of me. It is working and uploading my code to the mega168. It's just really confusing when I get the "Invalid signature.." message. I interpret that as "error, it didn't work."

Is this an actual error that can be resolved or some by-product of the process?

I'll do some more testing. If all goes well, I can come up with a more comprehensive "get your Arduino running with 64-bit Ubuntu" document.


One of the patches that I made to the avrdude-5.4-arduino is required to allow avrdude to read the device signature from the bootloader we have on the Arduino boards.  The standard version of avrdude will always get 00 00 00 from our bootloader, but you can still upload if you give it the -F flag that forces it to continue despite signature mismatches.  


Can you make the patch available as a separate download - in the event a developer has their own customized avrdude?

Additionally, a feature request:

- expose the "upload.verbose" setting in the preferences file in the UI. This would allow one to get verbose output from avrdude without having to stop arduino, changing the file and starting arduino back up (and, of course, turn it off when finished debugging.)


I'll try to make a patch when I have a chance.  

As for the upload.verbose setting - I'm hoping it's only rarely that users need it, and only when things go wrong, so I'd rather not put it in the interface.


i get arduino recently, and
i get this, too

avrdude: Expected signature for ATMEGA168 is 1E 94 06

what should i do?


ivar, does your Arduino have an ATmega168 on it?  What operating system are you on?  What serial port is your Arduino on?


in arduino 09, i get an ATmega168 on it, im in macOSX 10.4.10, my serial port is : tty.usbserial-A000PRW
my computer is pb G4 1,67ghz, arduino 09, ( Arduino NG, ATMEGA8-16PU)


You need to chose "ATmega8" from the Tools > Microcontroller menu since there's an ATmega8 on your board.



I'll try to make a patch when I have a chance.  

As for the upload.verbose setting - I'm hoping it's only rarely that users need it, and only when things go wrong, so I'd rather not put it in the interface.

I have added a bug for this and attached a patch and a ebuild for Gentoo.  ;)
see http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=223245


it works very easy on ubuntu 8.04, no need to compile anything.


If you have a standard Ubuntu 10.4 installation you will get openjdk-6-jre installed by default, but arduino-0021 doesn't work with openjdk-6-jre, it needs sun-java6-jre.
Removing openjdk-6-jre by Synaptic packet manager may not remove the openjdk-6-jre configuration files.

It is important to have openjdk-6-jre completely de-installed, which means also the configuration files, otherwise the arduino program may not work.
Check the installation of sun-java and openjdk:

dpkg -l | grep -i java
rc openjdk-6-jre
rc openjdk-6-jre-headless
ii sun-java6-bin
ii sun-java6-fonts
ii sun-java6-jre
ii sun-java6-plugin

If you find openjdk-6-jre* entries like above you have to remove the configuration files too, try:

sudo dpkg -P openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-headless

After I did this I got the Arduino IDE starting up without flickering.


I have to revise my last post regarding the flickering, this is not solved with removing openjdk configuration :(

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