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Where can I find the avrdude "libusb" drivers for the AVRISPmkII programmer in the arduino folder?  I am using arduino0021 right now.

And how would I burn the libusb driver onto the avrispmkII programmer?




What is the solution to this!
I've got a custom mega1280 compatible board and want to program with the arduino IDE and a AVRISP mkII

Its all well and good to install AVR Studio, but what the hell is the issue with the arduino IDE?

most the jungo driver be installed?

is the lib usb driver the one here:

is there an OS compatibility issue?

i get this message no matter what i try...
avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"


Tried installing the libusb drivers clean to no avail.
I'm using on 64bit Win 7, but its has 'lots' of crap on it...

Tried in on a (media PC) 32bit Win 7 machine and it worked fine...

When I toast one this ill try it clean (i.e. no history of AVR Studio, or other dev tools) and it should determine if there is some issue with the 64bit os.

Will post back.

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