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Hi friends!!

I assembled an Arduino with RS-232 port wich runs normally with a pre-programmed bootloader ATmega168 without problems. Also I assembled a serial AVR programmer and burn a new ATmega168 bootloader with PonyProg2000, but when I try to programm any sketch with IDE the classical error appears:

stk500_getsync():not in sync
stk500_disable():protocol error

In visit to all Arduino foruns I see that this error exists at long time when anyone tries to burn the bootloader. I already try the sugested normal solutions like to check board, port, resets just before upload, etc. and nothing. Any other new  idea?

This is not a problem with my serial programmer because I also tried following the instructions in arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP with two Arduinos to burn the bootloader and I have the same error. My system is a PC with windows XP.


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