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I'm having a problem with 0021 under Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid and Arduino boards (both Uno and Duemilanove).

Serial communication from the Arduino board locks up the IDE and other serial monitors won't recognize the port - if I unplug the board the IDE comes back online. The IDE locks up so bad that I can't upload other sketches - I had to move to a mac (with 0021) to comment out the Serial.print(); in the offending code. Once that was removed I was able to go back my linux machine and everything worked fine.

Any ideas?


I am experiencing the same problem.Whenever a value is to be read using analog 0 for example using serial communication on the computer the IDE hangs and serial port refuses to identify.I am using UNO and Ubuntu 10.10 with 0021 IDE.No idea why this is happening.Other sketches also stop uploading.


On the Uno, and the mega2560, serial comms is handled by a atmel 8u2, not the less versatile FTDI chip used on earlier Arduini

There is a known bug in the previous firmware, whereby sketches that use Serial comms can prevent successful upload of new sketches

See the thread in the hardware section - you need to reflash the 8u2, and then report back if it's still broken. (Good news - you need the dfu-programmer software and 2 short pieces of wire - no new hardware to flash the 8u2!)


Good luck

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