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I'm new to arduino and I just got a Uno for myself. Everything works fine on it but I do have a question. When I upload a sketch on the board and then I turned the board off, does the sketch still live in the board or it gets erased? I tried the blink code and it worked, then I unplugged the USB and plug it back on again, the LED doesn't blink. I thought the board was supposed to remember the code, so when I turn the board on it should blink the LED. Can someone help me with it? Much appreciated.


The board keeps the program you downloaded after you turned it off.

Why it doesn't work... I have no idea, but I'd try to open arduino environment and open the serial window. Don't download anything new, just open the serial window.
See if any of these steps starts up the Arduino.
This... is a hobby.


You say you uploaded code.  Have you tried to upload again?  

If so, did it work again until unplugged and plugged back in?
If not, can you post what you uploaded? (just blink)?


try something OTHER than blink... like "communications" ASCII table dump sketch.

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