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Hello guys I already have a topic open on the Italian forum, I would like to know if someone is able to tell me what to change to get a proper signal on a TV using the PAL library TVout.
In a commentary on the beta 1:
Currently only works with NTSC. Would require modifying the support PAL timings in video_gen.h as well as the ISR OCR1A to allow for 16-bit line counter.


64us line length, 576 active lines, 625 lines per frame, 50Hz field rate.
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should work.


tv.begin(PAL) will work fine , but if i may share my experience's with you..

i had trouble geting TVOUT to work in some of my pal tv's ,i would get ghosted picture's and could not read the screen my fix was to get the latest beta http://code.google.com/p/arduino-tvout/downloads/detail?name=TVoutBeta1.zip and i added a 75OHM resistor between VID and Ground then opened the PALDemo and that worked lovely...

i then read the PALDemo and started my own script testing out how to put in bitmap's with Image2Code-1.1

it isnt two hard just check your pins with a multimeter first two make sure your getting the right level's (before i added the 75oHm on VID/gnd i was getting between 2 and 4 volts after its was more like 0-1V witch is the right voltage

hope that help's some



Yes some tvs do require the 75ohm resistor it all depends on the tv with mine it makes no difference.

If you attempt to check the voltages with a multi meter then there does need to be a 75ohm load across the output.

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