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I have finally learned how to upload hex into AVRDUDE using an Arduino as an ISP , but I can't get an ATMEGA16a to respond with the Blink code AVRDUDE says that all is well with the upload.  Does this chip need a bootloader??????

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We'll need the provenance of your ATMEGA16a.


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Do you mean "provenance" as in the origin of the chip? It's an Atmel. I got it from Mouser. According to the Atmel datasheet, it's supposed to be a direct replacement for the Atmega16. That's all that I know about this thing. I'm sorry for being such a newbie.

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That's a good start.  We now know that it is very unlikely that the processor had a bootloader installed by someone else.  We also know that it is very likely unaltered from the factory.

What has happened to the processor since it came into your hands?  For example... Have you changed the fuses?  Have you connected an external crystal?  Have you connected a resistor to RESET?  What core did you use (which board was selected when you built your Sketch)?

An answer your direct question... So long as you use an ISP (in your case, an Arduino) then the processor will not need a bootloader.  If you decide to use a serial connection for uploading then you will need a bootloader.  ...the answer is it depends on how you want to upload Sketches.

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