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I encountered on FB this web page and Arduino book, but I don't know if is good to order it. Does somebody have more info about it? Here is the link to the Arduino book also on the web page seems that there are many interesting book related to electronics and other stuff like mechanics.



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any book is good, so order it
No, there are a BUNCH of really shitty books out about Arduino.  Many were written by people without even the basic skills and are full of errors, bad wiring diagrams, and even things that are dangerous and will fry your Arduino or even get someone hurt.  Even the ones you find here on this site aren't so great.  We need just one person who is more interested in actually helping people than they are in just grabbing up as much money as they can off the latest new thing and maybe we will get something worthwhile. 

Sorry, but I don't speak whatever language that link is in so I can't really tell you anything about that particular one.
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