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the flame wars starts ;)


Why hating Microsoft and supporting Google at the same time? I find that rather hard to understandt ;0)

And goodwill at Google's is something that i cant see anywhere.. if a company does much 'freeware' it's not exactly somethign they do out of goodwill it is because they want to bind costumers. In the case of google it is even more pervert - they steal open source material and publish it as THEIR software. And if it wasnt stolen directly they build a 95% identical twin to be their idea... that is even worse than anything microsoft has ever done.. (imho)


Take it from an old timer, life is just too short to spend much time hating anything  8-)



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but it's s a nice vent if you need it ;0)
And it's not about hating google, its about disliking people, or more precisely, the opinion that Microsoft is THE Evil because they made the currently (best?) most widespread operation systems and to love google because they have a shiny colourful logo... thats something i dont like ;0)

*edit* one biiiig advantage of bing i just see now: They have a Tyrannosaurus rex on the title today. Palaeontology FTW! ;0)


anyway, could we setup a form of load balancing or mirroring? or is that a BAD-IDEA. i was thinking about making a offline copy of the reference and playground pages with ICAB so i don't have to wait for every page.
"We're all in this together..."


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Hi there,

today I was a bit naughty an ran a few stress tests against the arduino.cc forum. The time was about 0:00 - 1:00 CET. For comparison I also chose the adafruit.com forum as a second target.

Here are my findings:



The observant reader will notice a huge discrepancy between the two. During the testing the adafruit.com forum was still very fast and responsive, whereas the test provoked the "Error 500" messages on this here forum. The page load times say it all.

Not to be unfair and compare apples with pears, I also ran a test against my own retired yabb2 forum vs. this forum and the results were similar. I should add that my stuff runs on a rather simple 20? vserver. If the arduino site runs on a 100$ plan it should (in theory) have more reserves than it apparently has. The situation has improved a lot compared to 2 weeks ago, still something is a bit asthmatic.


still something is a bit asthmatic

I know squat about servers, pipes, hosts and all the other crap needed to make a forum function. However there is no mistaking that this is one fragile site with lots of variation in speed. At times it can be quite snappy and responsive and other times just slow and slower.

It's as if the root problem has not been analyzed enough to even know what improvements are needed, just shotgun it and hope for the best. I've participated in many forums and while all seem to have different levels of performance I've never seen any with such a wide variation of performance day in and day out.

Oh well, not really complaining and I'm glad to have access no matter what the quality, but it sure puts a poor face on the Arduino world at times.



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Here's a thread with an interpretation guide for the graphs.


Nachtwind feels about Google what I feel about M$   ;)

I'm behind the times, M$ is the fading evil corporate giant, Google is the upcoming one......  :)


i was thinking about making a offline copy of the reference

There currently is an offline copy of the reference stuck in every arduino download. Just click on reference in the arduino IDE to access it...



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Maybe we should start calling google "skynet", there is some potential there. But on the other hand, what is currently planned in the Netherlands bugs me a lot more. Private cars being tracked by GPS implants, total governmental control. "Just to track the amount of driven km/user" and get some more tax money. A bunch of nitwits. They could just raise the tax on gasoline if they only cared about that.

Microsoft, well... I think it should be strictly forbidden to sell hardware forcibly bundled with operating system and loaded with all kinds of bull. And maybe I'd even consider using windows7 if it were reasonably priced. Something like 30$.



The last version of windoze I actually payed money for was XP when it was first released. And that only cost me 5$ - a campus deal. If M$ can live with 5$ per copy, 30$ should be fine.


The last version of windoze I actually payed money for was XP when it was first released. And that only cost me 5$ - a campus deal. If M$ can live with 5$ per copy, 30$ should be fine.

Yeah they could do it for $30 but it's not going to happen...


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