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Not wanting to complain so much as understand. I thought the bad problems we were recently having were addressed with better server hardware assigned, etc. Last couple of days the site seems to get very slow at times and today I've had several timeouts, 404 errors, etc. Why can't things get fixed for good?



I'm wondering if it's possible (or desirable) to block the search engines. Why MSN needs 40+ crawling around at any given time is beyond me. I don't want anything I have to say to show up on MSN.
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that would be a good idea.. but if i recall it right the sole reason why we stay with this piece of software is that search sites have indexed us. If we'd now ban those sites from this page we couldn't keep up that argument and hence could switch to a better board software as well..


Yeah i been getting a few 404s again recently but it is still better than it was.

Answers from a mod? What's the server load looking like now?



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How long would it take for google to re-index the forum? Not very long I guess. And who uses MSN search anyway ?

Have a look at this:


Maybe Microsoft is doing an extended 'quality check' on the forum.


Now that is interesting, someone block the MSN bots then. We knew it all along :D

And who uses MSN search anyway ?

Exactly!  ;)



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Microsoft's attempt to get into the end user ISP market.  The biggest competitor is probably AOL.


What's "MSN"?

Lol, you just made my day  ;D




just my thought.... the whole MSN Stuff could the indexing by bing (the best available search engine anyway..)


bing (the best available search engine anyway..)

Google or gtfo!



Anyway, i love Bing... the search results are in 99% better than those advertiesements you find in google.. also Microsoft doesnt hide the fact that they are a monopolistic company and wont tell the people otherwise (like google does..)


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Bing has a major uphill battle as google is now a recognized verb in the English language and everyone uses it. Also, lots of us hate Microsoft and wouldn't dream of supporting one single thing that they do. Google has a LOT more corporate goodwill. That having been said, I have heard some decent things about bing.


Too bad my joke wasn't fully appreciated by the person towards whom it was directed.  :'(

I have occasionally used bing as a result of it being a homepage on someone's pc, so I can't say I hate it. 99% huh? Don't know about that. And for the record google != microsoft - they really aren't hiding any evil behind their awesome multicolored logo

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