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Last time I wanted to post something I found that in the current division in subfora there perhaps is room for improvement.

The current software section, for example, combines two or even three subjects:
- the IDE
- the programming language
- own programming, tips, libraries, etc.

The hardware section is not only about hardware, but also about software ("how to do this and this with the Ethernet shield").

The foreign-language fora are something I am always very much opposed against (though I am Dutch) because it does not fit the idea having a large community. IMHO it would be better to use the foreign-language fora for people that know nothing about English giving them the opportunity to find an interpreter for them. It is a real pity if a wonderful solution to a problem stays "hidden" is a Portugese, Dutch or Croatian forum.

However, the main thing is that of the Hardware and Software part. I'd suggest

Hardware - hardware issues, problems, bugs, fry stories, etc...
 > Arduino main boards (Duemillanova, Mega, ...)
 > Arduino clone boards (...)
 > Shields
    > ...perhaps subfora for popular shields...

Programming language - issues creating your own software
 > Syntax, semantics, etc...
 > Libraries
 > Bugs in current language

 > How to
 > bugs

Well, something like that.


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