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Almost every forum i've ever seen has a new post button. Where you click it and it shows you a list of the recent posts.


On the main forum page, there are yellow and blue check marks. The yellow means that there are new posts in that forum.

Within each forum, the software shows NEW next to each topic that has new posts.

At least, this is what I see using Firefox.

Also, on the main forum page, there is a drop down list at the bottom of the page that has a "10 most recent posts" item, so you can look at the newest ones, first.
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The forum is set to be updated sometime in the future I think (soon perhaps) so maybe some things will get better then.

YaBB 3.0 is due to be released in April so we will just have to wait and see...



I really love forums that have the 1 click and show us all the new stuff feature

but here, wow how many languages are there? and generally there no options on these things its all or nothing

if I have to click a few links to see what new stuff in the areas I am interested in, seems better than 2-3 pages of post's I cant read mixed in

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