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Hi ChrisS,
nice to meet you!
Sorry to upset you, and maybe my post was somewhat off topic.
Im a swede, age 49. Struggeling with the english writing too.

You might want to kill the whole german area... everybody has to post in english... so you could read it easily...

Italians, Germans, French, Asian, Russian... they all have to lern english.... but you... you don't have to learn any other language....

Not so fair?
But I respect your thread and leaves it with no further posts.


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Hey, nice to meet you in German Area...!!!!! :)

I understand your point of view... don't be angry...

have a look there in posts... difficult to find anything...

it proofs itself... i don't want to say more....

Have a great Time here in the Board... and Arduino-Community!!!
.. esspacially the german one...  ;)

Greetings from Germany.... have a nice day....

PS: Gratulations to your new MemberStatus!!!!!!
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