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Wouldn't it be great to have a forum dedicated to circuit schematics for general comment, help requests, reference and just plain-old showing-off?

I'd suggest we prefer people to post in either of one or two of the most popular formats - perhaps EAGLE and something else? - for ease of amendment by other posters.

Comments please.



Seems like those can easily go into the Hardware development forum without much trouble...I could be wrong though.


Allot of the time this kind of this is in the hardware development side of exhibition side. If its not there its in links to there main writeup page for the project. Often on there own web page or on Instrucables.com.

But i can see the benefit of a one stop place for just parts lists and schematics. Easy to sort threw and find any projects that have already been done so you don't end up repeating someone's idea.


Yep, sure those places would be right for lots of circumstances, but I'd like to have a place where I could just post a schematic and I think there's a big gap in the boards for that. I'd like to put up a shcematic and say "I've been thinking about this, do you think it could be done better?" or "before I blow myself up, are these resistors about right?" or "I've built up this part of a circuit diagram and I'd like to share it with the community". I'm thinking that each post would be focused around a schematic - and there isn't anything for that now.

It would build up into a great resource - I'd love to browse a forum like that. I'm getting geekily excited just thinking about it.

I'd be happy to administer it. (I always regret saying that :-) )



Why don't you just start a thread or something called "Post your schematics" or "Schematic Help Thread"?  You can let people post their schematics and ask questions, etc. :)

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