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I am sure you are right.

But the point is the breadboard I have in my hand right now has:
- blue line , marked +
- red line, marked -

When looking to the board itself, marks are: Vin, +5V, Vin, 3V3. OK, for few connections and OK for the table-circuits.

But now I am passing that table phase (code is ok as well) and mount the external power source - LiIon ones.

The assembly is mounted on three separate mini-breadboards:
a) the power source
b) the Arduino nano
c) the sensors (three of them) - working on 3.3 V -one of them and on 5 V the other 2 - a level shifter is to be mounted at this stage anyway
+ 1 separate (on-air) LCD  - on 5V.

Needless to say that all these modules shall share a common ground. It is not my intention to hijack this topic, but just to show that it can go confusing.


That red / blue is  a good story!
And it reinforces the need to *know what you're doing* !!
You can only trust suppliers and datasheets so far...

A bit of theory and understanding can save a lot of misery!
Experienced responders have a nose for laziness, (they were beginners once)... Sure, there are trolls, know-it-alls, and pretenders - but the help you'll get here is about as good as it gets - if you try to help youself!.

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