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Mar 07, 2010, 04:03 am Last Edit: Mar 07, 2010, 04:04 am by retrolefty Reason: 1
It's weird I've come across to posted threads where there appears to be missing posts that were in the thread at some prior time? Anyone notice this in other threads?




Coding Badly

You're allowed to delete your own messages for, I believe, up to 24 hours.  I suspect that's what has happened.

It's best I don't share my opinion on the practice.  The word "censored" will very likely come into play.   :o   ;D


I am pretty sure this is not having to do with the Spam clean-up we are performing in the forum these days. It could imagine the posters of those threads did accidentally (or intentionally) erase some of their posts.

However if you find more of the same, please let me know so that I can run a more serious analysis of the issue.



Hi David,

the matter for this posting is: I'd like to have some postings deleted :-)
Seriousley, The last week I started all together 3 threads. Only the last one makes sense because only this describes the solution of the problems which are described by the other two threads. Is it possible to delete them ? (I don't like cyber-waste):

At software/troubleshooting:

"error compiling" when uploading blinker


Arduino-IDE on openSUSE 11.2

Thanks, Rafa


Well ...

... cyber waste is one of those things that make the internet what it is ... a great bit-dumpster.

The thing is that the forum is a location to document the process of solving a problem. The Playground the place where to write the conclusions. The official site the place where to make it long-term. If we had to be cleaning everything that is posted wrong or that is not interesting any longer ... our lives would be so much more complicated.

If you think you have figured out something that is worth telling the rest of the community, I think you should not disregard the work you did at the forum, trial and error is as good as trial and success. On top of that you should make a nice article and post it on the Playground.

Very soon we will offer more and more information from the official site and the Playground as part of the Arduino Downloadable Reference. Your contributions are needed.



Hi David,

the idea to post my "solutions-posting" at the official playground-page had PaulS already. But as you can read in this posting, i'm not experienced enough to ensure for example that all the steps I have described are really necessary or not. Or if the order of the steps as I performed them is necessary like this or not. For this, I can't take responsibility for the procedure. So I would prefer to wait for some feedback in order to decide if it is worth to be posted at the official playground-site as THIS (and the only one) PROCEDURE TO INSTALL ARDUINO-IDE ON SUSE 11.2. For example: David B. told me not to install gcc44, because there would be problems to be expected for some special operations on the arduino. What shall I do with this info ? My system works as it is (with gcc44, but currently  I'm only blinking with the digital-demoblinker:-)).
Maybe there are kernel-version-based-matters, maybe not. It's difficult to say yes or no, if there is no fundamental knowledge or experience on the job.
So I propose we should leave the "solution-posting" where it is. People will find it anyway, as the views-counter shows.

Your trial on error/success-arguments are acceptable for me, so let's keep the threads as they are. Furthermore, to delete them, the other authors would have to be asked for their "GO" to do so.

Greets Rafa, and keep on fighting for this arduino-project. It's a good thing :-) I'll help where I can, and maybe one day with more experience on Linux and Arduino, I'll participate much more than currently possible.



I think you should not be too bothered about not controlling the whole process. It is not bad to post incomplete documentation to the Wiki. When people download the IDE the first thing they do -in the Linux world, where I am also a user- is going to the playground to grab the instructions on how to make the software work in their system.

If your article happens not to be 100% ready, there might be someone that will edit it and add whatever is missing to it. That is the power of wiki, while the forum is better for having a discussion about something.

Anyway, you are free to do as you wish and I think that documenting how to run Arduino on Suse is quite an achievement ...

... so thanks for your great contribution!



Well, when the installation-instruction doesn't have to be perfect for being posted at the playground, what do I have to do in order to get it posted there ?

Greetings Rafa


Mar 10, 2010, 09:56 am Last Edit: Mar 10, 2010, 09:57 am by madworm Reason: 1
If you have any additions to make, feel free to update the installation instructions for openSuSE. There's already an article in the playground. For quite some time actually... Maybe people just don't find it.



- 1st you got to be registered in the playground, it takes 1second of your time


- 2nd you go to the page where you want to add your information
- 3rd (being logged in) you click at the "edit" link and that will offer you the page wide open
- 4th if you want to create a new page just add a link on an existing page by using double square quotation marks, like [[new page]] that will create a page with the title "new page" that will be linked from there. Press Save to return to the original page with your additions
- 5th if the page is empty, then you just need to go ahead by clicking on the link you just created, it will open the editor directly for you to add the contents

There is a lot of information about the markup language used in PMWIKI at the bottom of each page when you are in editing mode



Hi David,

I'll work on it as soon as possible. Weekend the most latest.

Ciao, Rafa


Mar 11, 2010, 06:08 pm Last Edit: Mar 11, 2010, 06:09 pm by elgitanito Reason: 1
Hi David, hi Madworm,

I posted a link at the playground-site to the manual-posting at the forum. The most simple and fastest way.

Madworm, you are absolutely right, it was nearly impossible to find the openSUSE-related-article at http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Linux/OpenSUSE (where I posted the link) from the playground-starting-site.

At the left-handed main-menu of the playground, there should be a section like: "Operating-Systems and Arduino" or "How to install Arduino at your operating-system" with a sub-menu which offers the different types of operating-systems and Arduino-releases. Maybe similar to the "interfacing with software"-submenu.
In order to perform that, we have to have a collection of all the already existing OS-related- postings and articles.

Better Ideas ?

Ciao, Rafa

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