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My wife and I have poor eyesight and read the web at a large zoom factor.
We use a larger screen to allow us to see slightly more even when the text is zoomed.
However, this short comment has now filled the comment box for the forums.

The box is about1/3rd the width of the screen and one 1/4 the height.. so less than 10% of the screen is used for what I am doing now.

The white space to the right is sitting there aggravating me as I scroll through long posts to see if they are consistent and readable.

The gray borders also waste space but less of it.

Hoping that this post is not a waste of your time  ;)


We are planning on using those empty spaces to include some new features to the website ... in the meanwhile I am sorry if the current web-layout bothers you guys.

We are working on it ... I think you will like what we have in mind.



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In the meantime, you can resize the message area by dragging the right or bottom border.


Cool, nice to find out about the dragable borders.. and they work well.

I guess since they are re-sizable in the browser, it is the browsers fault that there is no visible indication...  So I have been waving the mouse around for other 'adjustable borders' but none found so far...

thanks for the help,



Never knew the message box was adjustable..Thanks TBAr :O.

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