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Its been a while, when one of the admins said he wouldnt look into bar sports. So, maybe here we have more luck?

After the recent spam in the forum the least you could do is offer a few jobs as moderators so users could finally do what is dreadfully needed here.


Seconded, but not the all-caps title ;D!


There is a on going thread with this issue as one of the discussed topics.




I'm guessing it's a bit hard to look through that thread cause a lot of topics are going at once.

Although I don't have a lot of stars, mainly because I don't post much because I'm not a lvl 80 arduino dungeon master (more like lvl 17), I am willing to become a moderator.

I come and check the site a lot, but don't post much.
To be honest, I can't find spam. (If you point the forum category i might)
And thats all I would do, browse site for cool stuff and erase spam.



lvl 80 arduino dungeon master

Lmao ;D!


I would like to apply for
this position  


I offered my services weeks ago and it just got dropped in the ether somewhere. I was told one admin to wait till he talked to the rest and I never heard back.  :-/


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please patience. We have a meeting for the Uno Punto Zero in NYC in a little more than a week.

One of the most important discussion topics there is going to be:


within the web there is one important issue that is:


Now that I am 100% the servers are running at full blast, that they support the kind of traffic you guys generate (that is peaking up to 600.000 hits/day or 14.000.000 per month), my next priority is setting up the social network to command this forum properly.

As for today there are moderators for the different languages that are NOT part of the team. We believe in external actors, we just want to come out with a policy we (you, us, future users...) all like and I think that the forthcoming meeting is a great moment to get this to work.

I know that many of you not only will volunteer to make this, but also that many of you have surely deserve the moderation position through your contributions to the community. Please keep on posting your names and don't think your opinions are falling into a broken bag (Spanish expression). We follow your comments and try to put the tools in place to make things happen.

Now that we don't have to bother about the server's horse power any longer, let's fix the rest! Thanks for the good work ... your contributions are great, they get us all going



As much as I'm on around here, you can count me in to help anyway that's useful for you all.



I am not sure if this is where I should post, or if I should start a new thread, but is there some way to actively moderate posts, or add some kind of voting to posts?

The situation I see is that there are some members who post and can mislead and not inform.

I am an Arduino, C++, electronics and forum noob, but I have some C programming experience, and yet even I can see that some members just seem to post to boost their post numbers as some sort of reflex action, without adding very much to the knowledge of members who haven't been around so long.

It is very difficult to filter out the noise and decide who really has useful knowledge to spread around, and who is just on an ego trip.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I realise that you can expect to get what you pay for on forums, but there must be a way to improve the signal-to-noise ration, isn't there?


There are posts that do not provide any real answers. But, a lot of them at least suggest avenues to explore, or seek to elicit clarification.

Personally, I think the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty darn good.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Personally, I think the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty darn good.

Indeed.  We tend to stay fairly on topic here, and mostly posts are related to the initial problem (maybe with a few thrown in for humor ;D).


Here is a case that exactly illustrates my point
in replies 4 and 5.
Two "god" members contradict each other, but which is correct?
The one with more posts?
A moderator could edit, delete or force a retraction or correction of the incorrect post.
What's a noob to do?  :-/


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what's a noob to do?

IMO, voting or active moderation would not really improve the information in the thread you linked.  

The technique posted by the first god member was helpful because it described the correct approach. The second post clarified the error in the description of the worked example. I expect that users of this forum would have no trouble using the information in that thread without the need for a vote or additional comment.

After all, this is a discussion forum, not a textbook.

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