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Hopefully someone can help with this.

I am on a dialup connection using Firefox.
When I try to do a reply I initially get the spoofing error message up.
The address is what the service provider has allocated (I made it xxx)
The browser will allow a refresh, but the edits are gone.

Does anyone have an idea how to stop this error.??

Thanks mark

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An Error Has Occurred!

Error: ALERT!! Form Spoofing Detected coming from IP address: 218.ZZZ.yy.xxx


What's the message you're trying to post?  Sounds like the forum thinks it's spam :P.


I get this when the VPN software I'm using, which provides access to a proxy server that Firefix uses, times out. Restarting the computer so that Firefox doesn't try to access the proxy server, or restarting the VPN software, so Firefox can again access the proxy server, solves the problem.

You have some sort of configuration issue on your computer/network that is causing the issue.
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I am simply trying to reply to a post, or put a new post up.
It has occurred on each of the posts so far.

I can't see how it can a network issue.
Like I indicated I am on dialup, and using a modem connected directly to the comm port, dialling an ISP which allocates the IP number.
This is the number that comes up as spam.

There is no proxy server ticked or set, and strangely it is reporting it coming from the very IP number the computer is using for ALL the access.

When I log on, I select to stay on until I close the browser.
I usually have selected preview, which is when it pops up.

(using a work computer for this reply, which didn't have the issue)


I'd guess that the IP that is assigned to you is known to the forum as belonging to someone else, because that assignment was not revoked when the previous assignment timed out or was terminated by closing a browser. I'd contact your ISP provider to see if they have any ideas.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


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Thanks PaulS

It is strange though that if I repeat the process, it will allow the post.
I think it has something to do with firefox, and how it refreshes.

We'll see how this post goes, which is from home.


[edit]I posted it without preview and it seemed to be okay[/edit]


Thanks  We'll see how this post goes, which is from home.

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