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Hi folks, I'm new here and looking for some dimmable LED down lights for inside application ,just found one from LEDs Magazine http://www.ledsmagazine.com/press/21422

Could you give me some suggestion about this item? I would appreciate any ideas or feedback.

The features is as following:
? 1. Compatible with most traditional ELV dimmers. (It seems I just need replace the traditional lamps with LED down lights and not need to change the dimming system.)
? 2. Special Heat Sink Design,and the external power supply makes the discharge of heat more easily, and ensures the long life of the lights. (How about the external power supply? )
? 3. Drivers listed by CE, UL and CUL.  (CE is good.)
? 4. Adjustable Centre-Tilt:20-30 adjustable tilt of Aluminum Centre Tilt Downlight,
? 5. Rectangular Beam Focusing Lens: T8° Optic, 15° Optic, 30° Optic, 45° Optic and 60° Optic could meet different demands. (We need 60°.)


Can anyone else smell spam?
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:-[ Sorry, sir, maybe I  showed it in a confounding way, but I really want to get some suggestion about this lamps.


Perhaps if you rephrased in a way that made it look less like an advertisement, and posted it in the correct forum, you'd get a more positive response :).


Yes, you'r right. I have amended it. Maybe it is better.



that looks like a nice light. http://www.fobsun.com/9w12w-d138-downlights-p-202.html

? 1. It seems I just need replace the traditional lamps with LED down lights and not need to change the dimming system.

yes, if used with a dimmable power supply

? 2. How about the external power supply?

you will need a dimmable power supply of appropriate wattage.

? 3. CE is good.

indeed! fires are bad!

? 4.

? 5. We need 60°.

looks like they've got you covered. its interesting that they are projecting the inherent shape of the die and considering that a "feature".

check out http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/category.907 if you are on a budget or like to tinker. don't expect any CE certifications though  ;)

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