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The "Frequently Asked Questions" forum would seem to be a great place to post solutions to...frequently asked questions. People can write up posts or else mods can select a good example of a thread topic that comes up a lot.

Right now it just seems like a "Please Ask Any Question" forum. All new and infrequently-asked questions there would fit into one of the hardware or software forums.

It would be great if the "Frequently Asked Questions" forum actually was about frequently asked questions like "Hey my ADC values keep floating around" etc.
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I'll second that.

But  (always a "but" ...)

who gets to decide if a question has been asked often enough? Who/what will enforce it. Moderators yes, but ... it's a lot of work.


I would like a link placed on the froum to the playground.

So many questions are already nswered in the playground but it takes members time to open a new window, look it up and post a message that may help the person asking the question. I would just like some links at the bottom of the forum to the playground, the tutorial section and maybe the higher lever parts depending on supprt from fellow members of the community.


Well there is a need for a decent FAQ.

Yes, people can search but as has been shown, nobody does and it's nice to have all problems in one place.

We also need a READ THIS FIRST on the forum to explain about first posts with no links that can be edited to add links, how to add pictures, how to ask questions etc etc.



I was about to write a post that we need a decent faq. But why not above each sub forum, with information about that particular subject.
Right now there is a question about a standalone arduino which is asked about every two weeks or so.


Right now there is a question about a standalone arduino which is asked about every two weeks or so.

Or the, programmer not responding error message that also turns up rather too often.

Or the:
"my LCD isn't working"
"have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting?"
"no but I have triple checked it"
"Oh now it's working!, I reconnected all the wires and now it works"
*facepalm*  ;)




Some tips/links on basic debugging strategies might also save the more experienced members a lot of frustration when they're trying to help.

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