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Chris Knudsen

Hey everyone,
    im new to the arduino world and thought i would drop in and say hi and start scouring the forums for info to get me going. thanks Chris

Ruud Schellekens

Hi Chris, here another newbie. I have found these forums useful already.

What I did not like is that my first post contained a link to a help page and that for some reason I needed to post a regular message first.

So here is the message to get started... ;-)


You'd rather the forum be overrun by spammers peddling shoes and viagra?


stopfourmspamnow plugin ...

besides it just delays spammers by 1 post, we still get spammed nearly daily


In any case.. welcome guys!

c'mon in, the code's a bit chilly but we can keep warm by the heat of an overdriven 7805...
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.


Hi to all, I am new here and glad to join this forum..


Anybody inform me about discussion???

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