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Topic: BEGINNERS: We rarely write code for you, but will help you write it for yourself (Read 8344 times) previous topic - next topic


Experienced responders have a nose for laziness, (they were beginners once)... expecting the poster to contribute to the learning experience.


The good thing with an Arduino, is that the learning cuve is not that steep.

If you have got basic knowledge in physics and just a basic understanding of how to code, you may get some results pretty quickly.
That is because we are working rather close to bare metal and control everything directly.

With more elaborated systems like a Raspberry Pi under Linux you must have digested so much conventions, and rules before you ever can begin to code, that you get stuck very fast to nothing more than printing stuff on the console.

That advantage turns also to be our problem, since many noobs get more stuff done here and gets appetite, but are still noobs.

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