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What do you think about the new forums? Personally, I kinda like the old forums. That's just me.

Bring back the Frequently Asked Questions board, please.  I miss it.


I originally disliked the large number of topics/forums and I admit that it might cause problems when starting a new topic.

But as one who mostly answers posts rather than create threads I'm now finding it much easier to just hit the "unread" link and pick the eyes out of the results. I also think I will be answering many more posts now because I simply look at the title whereas before I would not even go into a forum that was on a subject I was not particularly interested in. So a badly placed thread would not get the benefit of my vast experience  :)

So now, as long as the title is good, I'll see more posts I think and only have to click on one link to collect all the new stuff.

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On my laptop, posts seem to take up too much screen, so I see fewer posts per screen

Turn off avatars and signatures in your preferences and it will help.
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The forum is noticeably slower.
Also, there is redundant categories.
I also miss  being able to readily see the posters location on the left (don't know why).
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The forum is noticeably slower.

I haven't noticed this, I must admit.
Although I like the new forum, I find all the black boxes that seem to randomly appear at the side annoying.
They say things like 'xxx' has replied to your post 'xxx'. I find the boxes annoying, but it is nothing that I cannot live with.

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