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Like this:

Though I think we need to know a little more about your LED STRIP.


Thanks for the diagram. I worked on my own schematic using eagle. The file is public on my mobileme account https://files.me.com/john_rickman/5zq1om. It would be nice if it can be checked for correctness.


James C4S

That's not in your Public folder (or your Public folder has a password.)

Also more people can look at it if you distribute it as a PDF or Image (like JPG or PNG.)  Not everyone runs or has Eagle installed.
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Sorry I forgot I protected it, the password is arduino for those of you that have eagle.

Here is a png of the same thing https://files.me.com/john_rickman/sqlspe also with password arduino


Sorry your diagram is totally wrong. Each LED needs it's own resistor, then need to be in the collector to positave, the base needs to be connected to the arduino through a resistor and the emitter should be at ground.

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