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Also, what kind of device does the Mega show up as in the Device Manager?  Does it appear as being fully functional.  You could try editing your preferences.txt file (you can find its location in the preferences dialog) and manually set the port to COM4.  (Be sure to edit the file when the Arduino software is not running.)  Then restart Arduino and try to upload.


I have been having the same problem intermittently with my UNO board and my Vista laptop (running Arduino-0022 IDE & drivers).  It takes shutting the IDE down and hard-resetting the board (unplug from USB and plug back in) to restore functionality (for a while, at least).

On my Win7 x64 desktop, I haven't had a single problem with the same software and drivers installed (I'm blaming it on a bad download - I've had bad drivers corrupt downloads before).

Try downloading the IDE again and see if that gets you anywhere.


Alright, so it works now. I had installed the drivers a few weeks ago and it worked fine, and when I went to update the drivers again, Windows said the drivers were up to date. Today I updated them manually, and it worked. Guess the drivers might have been corrupted. Oh well, as long as it work. Thanks!


Why are you still using -0022? That's what, 3 years old now?
Move  up to 1.05 at least.
Scroll down here
and see all the things that have been fixed & improved.
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