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David Cuartielles


I want to have for breakfast the same thing you eat :)

First, thanks for the explanation. I have to say that I completely agree with the paradigm of use you see for the website. As a newbie, first thing is getting impressed, second learning something, then going in depth.

That is why our "homepage" is the reference and not the forum. The forum is for the discussion of topics. Something we are working with is personalized websites, now that we have user profiles, we can create something like iGoogle, where you can get your preferred things in place, subscription to feeds and so on. The kind of vision you talk about fits very much in our roadmap, it is just that it will take some time. First thing for us was not to release the forum, but to release that menu bar on top of the page. That gives you access to the whole Arduino ecosystem. Now we will work out all the other nice features.

Sorry if at this point I cannot spend a lot of time writing about visions and so on, but the new forum is generating a lot of traffic I need to attend to. Please keep the discussion going, once the initial flood and bug-fixing has been done, I will have more time to work with this at the conceptual and practical levels.



I apologize for taking your time, I can only imagine,the hand wringing you all have been through.

I by no means wanted to add to that part of the process, just saw something that seemed like a look see situation.

As I said, my opinion only your mileage may vary :)

Good luck with the remainder of what must be way too much work, see you on the other side when you and the team can relax a bit.

Once again thanks for a great update.

David Cuartielles

Oh, seriously, I appreciate your opinion, we should keep talking about this, sometimes we are so busy with the technical details that we forget about the details that make people get interested and in the end, without people, Arduino is nothing.


Exhibition is my most read thread - it's great to see what other people are doing - for inspiration alone.

It should be one of the most prominent sections imho.

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