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Well done on the migration it must have been hard work to get it this well finished in the time you had.
I logged in with no problem today.
I know a few of the functions of the old forum were broken and the new forum will give us those functions back

I like the static bar across the top to get to the playground and the rest of the site.
Thats a really nice feature.

Got to say though Im not too sure about the look and feel.
I use a netbook a lot and find the top of the page a bit wasteful theres a lot of white space as the login and search box could be a lot smaller and the text size is very large.

The + and - indicators are bit clunky and could be smaller.
and generally the text is too large across the board.

I couldnt see a way to tweak the text sizes within my profile.
Is there a way within the forum to change the text size as a personal preferences?

Again, well done.


We have in our to-do list adding the zoom feature for text. The current template is at some points made on "px" and not on "em", this means that we cannot scale all the text in a smooth way. Until we have cleaned that out, we will not implement this feature, but you should know it is in out priority list.

The white space on top that you refer to, is a design decision that has to do with branding our new logotype. We will be revising that soon, since I believe people already know about it and it will become smaller as time passes.



generally the text is too large across the board

Crikey, mine is so small I can hardly read it  :)

I need BIGGER fonts.
Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


I added the increase/decrease/reset typeface buttons to the posts, in that way you can resize the actual content for a post.

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